Railroad-Building Roguelike Game Unrailed! is Heading to Steam Early Access

Publisher Daedalic Entertainment and developer Indoor Astronaut have announced the roguelike title Unrailed! for PC.

The State of Mind publisher and developer said that the title focuses on getting an unstoppable train safely to the station.

Players will find themselves building train tracks in procedurally generated maps, along with fighting back against ‘gluttonous’ camels.

According to Daedalic and Indoor, the title is a “pure multiplayer experience” and stressed the importance of communication as a “key” part of success for players.

The railroad-building title features an Endless mode, allowing players to face new challenges on different difficulty options.

Unrailed! has a co-op experience that supports online or local multiplayer, while players also have the opportunity to compete against one another in a versus mode.

Daedalic confirmed that the title would arrive on Steam Early Access this summer.