Check Out Total War: Three Kingdoms Records Mode Right Now

Total War: Three Kingdoms was recently delayed to May after the team behind it expressed their desire to put a bit more polish into it before launch. Specifics weren’t given at the time, but it’s likely that they want to make sure everything is working as well as it can be. The game must be getting to close to where they want it to be, because Creative Assembly released a new video today showcasing gameplay from Total War: Three Kingdoms’ “Records Mode.” Check it out below.

Records mode is one of the game’s two main modes of play; the other being “Romance Mode.” The key difference between the two is seen in the power of the general units. Whereas each general is an absolute monster on Romance modes’ battlefields, in Records they’re just ordinary people. This means that players cannot call them in as fixers when the situation gets dicey along a section of their battle lines and will have to handle situations the way they would in a match from a previous title. This has a noticeable impact upon playtime according to Creative Assembly, whose tests have shown matches lasting about thirty percent longer than they do in Romance mode. Simply put, players who take this mode on had better bring their best or risk slowly losing ground over a long period of time.

Total War: Three Kingdoms launches on May 23 for PC. Check out our recent preview to learn even more details about the game.