Close to the Sun Now An Epic Games Store Exclusive

Another day, another notable gain for the Epic Games Store. This time around it’s Close to the Sun that is now joining the platform as an exclusive. We had last seen the horror/adventure title at Gamescom last year, with a new trailer. Since then, developers Storm in a Teacup have teamed up with publishers Wired Productions in order to help further the game’s advancement. Set in the 1890s, the game sees players attempting to locate their sister aboard the Helios, a massive ship created by Nikola Tesla. And as par for the course with these games, it doesn’t take long to discover that things have gone south. It’s an intriguing title, and one that should stand out on the Epic Games Store.

We should clarify, though, that Close to the Sun is still heading to consoles as well. It’s only the PC version that will be exclusive to Epic’s storefront. While many have noted that the Epic Games Store still has a ways to go, lacking certain features, its business model definitely seems to be attracting more developers and publishers, allowing them to score some choice titles and indeed position themselves as a rival for Steam. Close to the Sun comes out later in 2019 for PC, PS4, and XB1, and we’ll see later if it is indeed another choice pick for Epic.