Respawn Launches Gaming Desk With Unlimited Mouse Freedom

It never fails. No matter what, at some point in PC gaming you’ll reach a point where the mouse reaches some awkward corner of the mouse pad and will need to be adjusted to continue properly playing the game. Respawn is launching a desk with PC gaming in game, where the entire desktop surface is a mouse pad. This desk will come in two sizes, the RSP-1063 and the RSP-1048, with respective widths of 63 and 48 inches. Features of this desk include front edge curves at the center to keep the player close to the, adjustable leveling glides to help compensate for uneven flooring and grommet holes on each side from clean cable management. The desk surface is completely covered by 5mm thick, 6.5 lb mouse pad to allow unprecedented freedom in mouse movement and can support up to 200 lbs. This sounds like it could be an ideal set up for serious PC gaming, Hardcore Gamer will have more in depth coverage and thoughts on this desk in the near future.