Population Zero Enters New Alpha Phase

Survival MMO, Population Zero, has reached a new milestone in its Alpha development as it kicks off its first event. From Enplex Games, Population Zero set on the planet Kepler, an alien world far on the periphery of mankind’s own knowledge. As with all frontiers, the world will resist those who try to explore it, plumb it for resources and vie to uncover its secrets. Backers of the game at the Commander and Sentinel levels of support can check out the latest patch that brings tons of new content to the game.

The alpha update brings a whole list of new features to upcoming Population Zero:

  • Full-fledged quest system for a faction change
  • Mutation system (players will be able to become Hosts, Xenobiotor, or remain human)
  • Texture update and polishing (fauna, characters, buildings, etc.)
  • Balanced and improved technology tree and perk system
  • Fully rebalanced injury system
  • A possibility of setting up a character resurrection point (Baken)
  • New planet inhabitants

While the game is not out yet, Alpha players will soon have the opportunity to explore Kepler’s Jungle, “Wild forests, marvelous alien plants, and creatures await you in the depths of the Kepler’s jungle. The trees grow high up into the sky granting new locations to discover – that’s right, in the jungles you will be able to walk not only the ground but those natural wooden paths which covers the whole biome.”