Gadgeteer Launches its Chain-Reaction Playground with Builder’s Contest

Useless machines are the best machines.  Every part can be tuned to maximum satisfaction without worrying too much about efficiency or practicality.  That’s not to say achieving that satisfaction doesn’t take some careful design work, but rather that the whole point is to please the creator and, with any luck, anyone they may decide to show it off to.  A good case in point is how popular videos of domino courses and convoluted track and ball designs are, and how good it feels when a perfectly tuned series of events turns what would have been pure chaos into a fascinating dance of physics.  Gadgeteer is a VR game where you’ve got a room to play in and all the dominos, track pieces, and different types of ball you could hope for, and can put them together any which way you’d like.  It was released in an early beta form this week, free to anyone with the hardware to play, and while the actual puzzle-game parts are missing the game provides a good-sized play area to build whatever course you feel would best fill in the space.

The Gadgteer beta also, thankfully, comes with a tutorial, walking you through the basics.  The game uses the motion controls, turning one hand into a parts-palette and the other into a multi-tool.  The tool comes with three heads, one for grabbing, another for removal, and a third that acts as a clone so you don’t have to grab a million individual dominos from the parts supply.  Once you’ve spent a few minutes getting the hang of things the room opens up, ready to build in.  There’s even a contest running at the moment where the three best creations win a free Steam key for the game from the developer.  Or you can just build for the fun of seeing what happens when you put one part in front of another and see what comes out the other side.  There’s no losing move here, honestly.  The demo is available on the Steam page, so give it a look and build whatever insane creation makes you happy.