Black Future ’88 Sneaks Out in Beta Release

Steam Early Access is certainly very nice but it’s hardly the be-all end-all of early releases.  Way back in the day developers used to release their titles on web sites specifically devoted to the game, which to be honest was a bit of a nightmare to keep track of.  Black Future ’88 is retro to its neon synthpop core, though, so when it announced a surprise beta release today it’s fitting that it’s only available through the game’s web site.  Sure, the beta is bought through a widget that gets you a Steam key, but the point is if you want access you’re going to have to go looking for it.  Or click on the link in that earlier sentence.  One of those two.

Black Future ’88 is a game about blasting your way to the penthouse suite of a massive tower to kill the nuclear-armed owner in a “synth-punk roguelike 2D action shooter”, which is a description that really could stand to be made its own entire genre.  It doesn’t help that the years of environmental degredation have weakened your heart to the point it’s about to give out, but the buffs and curses you pick up along the way should be enough to extend your life just long enough to complete one last murderous job.  That the job involves lasers, neon effects everywhere, swirling clouds of color, and shooting a huge pile of guns just means it’s going to be a pretty day to make a whole lot of people die violently with you.  Check out the (Switch announcement) trailer below, and maybe give the beta a look if you’re feeling impatient for Black Future ’88’s eventual release.