Niffelheim Gets Sale on PC Ahead of Console Release Announcement

Niffelheim hit the PC this past fall and delivered a stunning experience that managed to not only impress visually, but also disgust a bit with its nightmarish worlds. Today, it was announced that this viking-themed adventure will be coming to consoles this spring. Unfortunately, a more concrete release window wasn’t announced – but it will be released on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch digitally.

The game just received a massive content update on PC too. This has rebalanced the loot system and made the game more welcoming with an on-screen button prompt guide that helps ensure you never forget how to play the game after a long absence. It also reduces the hunger element to make the game more player-friendly and revamped the animations a bit to help each playable character stand out. Niffelheim is on sale now for $6.80 on Steam, and has full controller support.