Building a Cozy Little Town in Islanders Reveal Trailer

One of the major unexpected hits of 2017 was a perfect little arcade-style game called Superflight, made by a student team who weren’t quite expecting it to do as well as it did.  One of the nice things about success is how it brings with it the opportunity to keep going, and in the last year and a bit Grizzly Games has been quietly working on its next title.  Today’s revelation shows a very different type of game that still manages to be a thematically-perfect sequel to Superflight, in that it’s a small little semi-arcade experience about chasing the best score possible while relaxing as you figure out the best way to develop each of new island in an endlessly generated string of random landscapes.  Islanders is a minimalist city builder where you’ve got a handful of buildings and an island to place them on, with the goal being to score high enough to earn new buildings and keep expanding as far as possible.  It’s a lovely looking thing, and today’s trailer shows off a game that promises to be a great way to both kick back and compete with yourself to build the best settlement possible.  Check out the trailer below, and get read to build your own tiny little world when Islanders reaches its April 4 release.