Factory Town Builds an Early Access Release

A town is a place to live but also a place to work.  Work is kinda boring, though, so a town is also a place to play, although that play is frequently also work.  A good life balance is a complicated structure of interdependent relationships, would be the point.  Factory Town is a city-builder where life is work is play, and the town eventually becomes an efficient machine that’s as much about resource allocation as it is the fun of creating the ramps, chutes, conveyors, logic gates, and other assorted structures necessary to get the raw materials to where they need to be.  Your people are workers but carrying things everywhere is a sucker’s game (plus deeply inefficient) so automating everything makes a town not only productive but also fascinating to watch, with each new researched technology adding to the potential intricacy of your creation.  With no threats or survival elements it’s just you and your creativity set loose to cover the landscape in whatever you can build.  The wilderness stretches on forever waiting for someone to use its resources to either create a rustically charming metropolis or, when done, start over from scratch in a new randomly-generated landscape, creating a world so busy even Richard Scarry would need a moment to take it all in.

Factory Town released in Early Access today, and current plans are to polish it up and add more end-game content before releasing in full at the end of the year.  Take a look at the trailer below to see it in motion, with machines and people working together to keep the town ticking away like a well-oiled but playfully designed machine.