Gearbox Software Teases Possible Borderlands 3 Announcement

Gearbox Software, the developers behind the popular Borderlands series, is giving audiences a hint at something. The Twitter account posted a single photo with clues as to when we can expect an announcement.

The image shows off a highway sign with Boston as its destination. A date is drawn in what could be considered to be blood. It has March 28 which happens to be the first day of PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts. Fans are definitely very interested in this to see if Borderlands 3 will be revealed. There is no definitive way of knowing it’s Borderlands-related though but the font used on the sign is exactly the same as the game’s logo. And the exit number on the sign, though obscured, is a 3, so it’s possible!

Take this all with a grain of salt though. Currently, it’s all speculation but those hints are solid leads. See for yourself in the Tweet below and stay tuned for more information!