EA Really Wants You To Play NBA Live 19

In just a few weeks after a steep discount for NBA Live 19, the game is now getting and even deeper cut. EA has a very solid basketball title and is all but giving it away for free. NBA Live 19 even received an All-Star Game update, and the game is a full fledged title that offers players a variety of options to play. Currently on PlayStation 4, NBA Live 19: All-Star Edition is only $3.99 and this sale lasts until March 26. On Xbox One, the game sits at $6 for the next six days. So many basketball fans are keen on the NBA 2K series and won’t budge on NBA Live. Since its return, NBA Live initially released for a cheaper cost and saw steep discounts shortly after. The All-Star Edition includes the full game along with five All-Star Ultimate Team Packs, Legendary All-Star uniforms, and the All-Star squad for Court Battles, which is part of the mode The One.