Raw Fury Reveals First Official Trailer For Atomicrops

In December 2017, Raw Fury first announced Atomicrops, a bullet hell/farm simulation hybrid from Danny Wynne, Toby Dixon, and Joonas Turner. It definitely sounded like quite the unique title, though we had little to go on at the moment. Since then, the developers have been working hard and have shared various WIPs, but today brings us a major development. Specifically, the first official trailer for the game. As usual, you can check it out it all of its glory below.

The first minute of the trailer for Atomicrops is actually a little animated prequel of sorts, setting up the premise. It all starts with the standard Stardew Valley/Harvest Moon tale of inheriting the family farm…right before the nukes hit. So now you have to grow mutated vegetables in a post-apocalyptic world while defending it from villainous vermin, as the the burst of gameplay at the end shows. You can also explore wastelands for seeds, get married to mutants, and experience many more twisted farming tasks. The roguelike hybrid will be coming to PC and consoles later this year, but if you can’t wait for more Atomicrops, it’ll be playable at GDC and PAX East this month as well, so attendees should take notice.