The Arcade Crew Announces Robot Ninja Metroidvania Game Kunai

Between Blazing Chrome, Dark Devotion, and Young Souls, The Arcade Crew has amassed quite the impressive lineup so far of modern indie games that evoke the spirit of old-school classics. And as of today, you can add another promising title to that list as well. Kunai, a metroidvania game from Netherlands-based developers TurtleBlaze, is the latest game the publisher is lending a hand to. With this announcement comes a new trailer for the game in all of its fast-paced glory, as seen below.

Previously seen at events such as Gamescom 2018, Kunai takes place in world where humanity is virtually extinct and robots roam the Earth. This includes our hero Tabby, a tablet-faced robot that just happens to be infused with an ancient warrior’s soul. Now, Tabby is on a quest to find his true purpose in this world. A quest that just happens to involve parkour, grappling, several ninja skills, and tons of killer machines. Between the intense action and the unique color scheme and graphics, Kunai may indeed be able to stand out from other metroidvania games. We’ll wait and see if it can when Kunai comes out in the future for the Switch and PC, so watch out for it.