Weedcraft Inc Receives New Story Trailer and Release Date

Vile Monarch and Devolver Digital’s upcoming simulation game Weedcraft Inc certainly aims to be a captivating look into the current world of cannabis use and distribution in the United States right now, expressing views on the issue through a more non-traditional medium. It’s also set to come out in April, as mentioned previously. Now, though, we have a concrete release date for the game. And given the month and subject matter, it should come as now shock that the game will be coming out on 4/20…wait, no? An April 11 release date instead? Huh. Odd move, but it arguably makes more sense to guarantee that it’s out in time for 4/20, one supposes.

Alongside the release date announcement, Weedcraft Inc received a new trailer, seen below. The new clip actually pulls double duty, showcasing both various gameplay elements and the story for the game’s campaign mode. We get a tale of two brothers getting into the marijuana business more and more after the death of their father, and while one is focused on their product and what it can do, such as medical marijuana and its benefits, the other character (which you play as)  is more concerned with the business side of things. Each one has their own different approach, corresponding to the paths you can take in the game. It definitely seems like an intriguing tale on top of a rather intriguing game, and we can’t wait for it. Weedcraft Inc comes out on April 11 for PC, and may be one to watch out for.