Fanatical Offers Up Unreal Deals on Disgaea PC Versions

Fanatical has a variety of Disgaea-related deals going on right now, and there are a couple of bundles that are must-watch. You can get the base games of Disgaea 1 and 2 for $11.96 – which is a fantastic value overall. However, it pales in comparison to the Digital Doods Edition which nets you artbooks for both games for only $13.36 – so for less than a dollar and a half, you get more content. Disgaea alone on Steam is $15, so this is an unreal deal for anyone who has either wanted to get into the series or get back into it after a long hiatus. This is a hilarious series and one of the finest tactical RPG franchises out there – getting two full games and stunning artbooks for so little money is a must for anyone who likes the genre. Using the promo code FANATICAL10 saves 10% on your purchase price as well.