Sonic and Crew Go a Little Looney Tunes in Team Sonic Racing Animated Short

One of the unexpected joys of Sonic Mania was seeing Sega commission a series of animated shorts.  Tyson Hesse and the crew at Neko Productions did phenomenal work putting together a five-part series that was as adventurous as it was funny, perfectly capturing the personalities of classic round-bodied Sonic and friends in an eleven minute story plus three minute Christmas epilogue.  While the question of “When can we see this as an unlimited series being produced forever?” is still unanswered a new short got released today for Sonic Team Racing Overdrive.  It’s from the same group that did the Sonic Mania animations and their love of the characters shines through, with even the most minor of actions packed with tons of personality.  This time out it’s the modern iteration of Sonic, tearing around the track as Robotnik/Eggman interferes with the race because he’s bad, and that’s what bad guys do.  It’s a ton of fun and couldn’t be more Looney Tunes if there was a pile of bird seed and dynamite in the middle of the track.  The new short is part one of two, so while we wait for news of the dreamed-of series (Netflix or regular tv, I’m not picky) it’s good to know there’s more of this on the way.