Dontnod Entertainment Duo Pick Favorite Moments From Life Is Strange Series

Life Is Strange 2 co-director Michel Koch and writer Jean-Luc Cano have both revealed their favorite moments in Dontnod Entertainment’s episodic adventure series.

Cano offered his two cents first, picking two scenes from the 2015 episodic adventure title and one from its 2018 sequel.

“[After much thought] I think the end of the first episode of Life Is Strange Season One works really well. It introduces the relationship between Max and Chloe and I think the use of the song is really effective,” he told Square Enix.

“Also the end of Episode 3 [Chaos Theory] — again, it changes the Max and Chloe relationship in a dramatic way, but in a way that ties in really well with the themes of that series.

“In terms of Life Is Strange 2, the first scene came together in a way I liked — the interactions with Esteban [Diaz], the fight with Brett [Foster]… I think it works.”

Just like the Life Is Strange 2 writer, Koch didn’t pass up the opportunity to share his two favorite moments from both titles, too.

“The quieter moments are actually my favorite,” he said. “After Max and Chloe go swimming in Season One — Max wakes up and you can just lie in bed and listen to music. Quiet Eyes, I think the song is.

“When we have the chance to do those quiet moments… I love it.

“As for Life Is Strange 2, I like the part where Sean and Daniel [Diaz] are in the old house in the snow. The part when Sean goes for a smoke — you can tell from his face and body language he’s worried.

“Then he tries and fails to lift a rock, you can see the frustration that he’s not the one with the powers. And it’s all done with just music and no voices.”

The first two episodes in Dontnod’s latest title — Episode 1: Roads and Episode 2: Rules — are available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Learn more in Hardcore Gamer’s reviews for Roads and Rules.

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