Plugable HS53’s Onyx Headset Aims to Deliver High-Quality Audio for Under $50

Plugable will be releasing an all-new over-ear gaming headset. The Onyx HS53 offers up a brush, sturdy brushed aluminum design and uses sound isolation to keep players immersed in their game. The HS53 uses a standard 3.5mm audio cable, so it will work fine wired for either PCs or modern-day consoles like the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Foam padding on the headband and the earcups allows for a high amount of comfort while a retractable mic allows you to talk to others during intense multiplayer games or recess it for a more immersive single-player experience. Beyond the 3.5mm cable, you also get a TRRS to TRS cable for a different kind of gaming PC hookup alongside an extension cable with a volume rocker and a mic mute switch. All of the cables are braided, which helps ensure a lack of tangling up and aids in durability. The HS53 is set to launch on March 19 for $44.95 and will be sold on Amazon.