Splatoon 2 Demo Event Allows for Free Plays

Splatoon 2 has plenty of fans always flinging ink during online battles. Now, even more prospective Inklings can get in on the action. There is a free demo event taking place which will allow anyone who doesn’t own the game to give it a go!

From from March 19 at 7:00am PT until March 25 6:59am PT, you can participate in pretty much everything Splatoon 2 has to offer. Turf Battles, Ranked Battles and Salmon Runs will all be accessible. Then, if you decide to purchase the game all your saved data will transfer over. You will need Nintendo Switch Online connected in order to partake, luckily this session comes with a free trial which is perfect for anyone looking to play other online titles.

As an even more added bonus, Splatoon 2 will be discounted from March 19 until March 28. So, if you loved the demo version you should definitely pick it up!