Super Phantom Cat Set for Switch Release on March 21

The Nintendo Switch is no stranger to fast-paced platformers, and another one is set to launch as Super Phantom Cat jumps from mobile devices to the highly-successful hybrid console. Super Phantom Cat features an incredibly vibrant color palette alongside a simplistic, but gorgeous art style. The colors are bold and pop off the screen immediately, while the core action blends speed and precision. The core game is a point A to B platformer, but you do have a bit of a collect-a-thon aspect to it with star bits and larger star pieces hidden throughout the world.

Super Phantom Cat’s Switch remake features improved graphics from the mobile version and 35 levels in total. This offers up hours of play time across a variety of level types. You have forests and deserts alongside newer areas like trains that aren’t usually seen in side-scrolling platformers. Super Phantom Cat launches on the Switch on March 21 worldwide at a cost of $9.99. There’s a lot of content to explore alongside a more vertical level setup than most platformers. If you enjoy a good hop and pop platformer, Super Phantom Cat looks to be right up your alley.