Castle Crashers is Indeed Coming to PS4, Switch

They were teasing it (or teasing something at the very least) and developer The Behemoth have confirmed it. The delightful, four player co-op brawler Castle Crashers — which has previously had a remastered form for both Xbox One & PC — will make its way to Sony and Nintendo’s platforms respectively sometime this summer. On top of the to-be-expected upgrade in resolution, Castle Crashers Remastered will also run at 60FPS — compared to the original’s 30FPS — and will bundle in all post-launch content.

For the Nintendo Switch version, The Behemoth state that the platform’s online component will come into play in some form, though didn’t specify how — one can hope/assume it will support online co-op alongside its four player local co-op component. Outside of Castle Crashers though, which will turn ten years old this August would you believe, The Behemoth have also confirmed they’re underway on their next project which they dub “Game 5”.