My Time at Portia Crafts a Console Release Date

Life on the farm is the standard job-based fantasy but there’s more work available in a peaceful rustic backwater than crops and cattle.  My Time at Portia had a strong run in Early Access letting people create the workshop of their dreams, taking on odd jobs in a town on the edge of the world to build everything from small items stocking up the local store to massive projects adding entirely new structures to the community.  It released in full after a surprisingly quick year in Early Access, and even then has had a major update plus multiple smaller ones to make the crafting sim-life adventure a nicer place to build a second life in.  All that work has been PC-only up to now, but today saw the announcement of the inevitable console editions.  PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch are all getting both a digital and physical release, with those pre-ordering getting a small crop of goodies in the form of an exclusive outfit, furniture, and a bag of 500 gold that will last about 30 seconds into the adventure.  My Time at Portia is coming out April 16, adding a cozy, friendly new world to console gamers’ libraries.