Rocket League Celebrates Spring’s Return With MLB Fan Pack

While winter may not be a big deal for some, for many people its end is a truly momentous occasion. The end of winter and the return of spring means being able to go outside again. It means not having to scrape the car off and let it run for ten minutes before going to work anymore, and for sports fans it means that baseball season is right around the corner. This year, Psyonix is ringing in this next season of baseball with the MLB Fan Pack for Rocket League.

Upon acquiring the MLB Fan Pack, players will be able to doll their battle cars up in the colors of their favorite teams. Be it with with flags, baseball cap toppers or player banners, fans will have ample opportunity to ample means to celebrate their favorite club. Those who are just fans of baseball in general can show support for the MLB or even just enjoy a baseball-themed boost effect. This doesn’t really do anything for non-baseball fans of course, but the fact that it’s not winter anymore is plenty consolation already.

Rocket League’s MLB Fan Pack will be available on March 25 on all platforms.