Stadia May Allow Players to Skip Puzzles, Challenges with Google Assistant

Stadia could be bringing traditional, physical strategy guides closer to death — and to a lesser extent, tutorial videos/content online — with one of the new features of Google Assistant, introduced today during the company’s Keynote speech for Stadia. And one that is sure to ignite even more rounds of debate as to the pre-conceived nature of challenge/difficulty in video games nowadays. Rather than having to rely on external means, or even tackle it head-on, players can now ask the Assistant — activated through the platform’s controller — for guidance on how to progress in a given part of a game.

According to the brief demonstration, which showcased a part of Crystal Dynamics’ Rise of the Tomb Raider, Google Assistant offered a brief gameplay clip showing how a puzzle is solved or where the player must look for the next solution. The player is still required to complete the segment, however, though nonetheless Assistant appears to clearly show/reveal how such moments could be spared the time investment. How this specifically works however, remains a mystery; Google Assistant’s use during gameplay was kept to a rather brief mention during the speech with the demonstration itself confined to mere footage rather than a live demonstration. How Stadia identifies the area of the game, let alone the game in question, is unknown, as is the actual performance/success of Assistant identifying one of countless thousands of stand-alone segments in any video game.

As noted, this — probably above many other features demonstrated in Stadia — is sure to cause quite a stir/conversation.