Blazing Chrome Heads to Xbox One, Shows Off Bosses

The Arcade Crew and developers Joymasher have so far shown us several clips of gameplay for their upcoming run-and-gun platformer, Blazing Chrome. But while a couple of them have showcased the occasional boss or two, this Contra ode deserves more of them. And so, to celebrate the announcement that Blazing Chrome is now hitting the Xbox One, we get a boss-filled trailer. And as seen below, it’s safe to say that this game has once again done its inspirations proud.

While it’s no surprise that there would be plenty of evil robots to fight given the game’s plot, there are a surprising amount of bosses in the clip that appear to be organic-based in various ways. Giant spiders, walls of alien flesh and eyes, and cyborg serpents, all alongside mechanical death machines. Indeed, they all feel like designs that wouldn’t be out of place in the likes of Contra III. But organic or robotic, it definitely looks like they’ll all put up a challenge. And now with the Xbox One announcement, Blazing Chrome is set to hit all major gaming platforms this year, so watch out for it.