Bloodroots to Dole Out Massive Makeshift Carnage This Summer

The Nindies Showcase from earlier today was, as usual, jam-packed with a lot of choice titles that we’re still sifting through. Among those is Bloodroots, a top-down action game from Montreal-based developers Paper Cult Games. Though in fairness, the game was likely hidden behind the mountain of bodies its protagonist left behind. A tale of revenge, Bloodroots sees the mysterious Mr. Wolf out to slaughter those who seemingly killed him. And also out to slaughter anyone who stands in his way. And slaughter them with anything.

That last part may seem like hyperbole, but then you see the game in action below. If you can pick it up, Mr. Wolf can use it as a weapon. And beyond that, what you wield can can even change how you move. Want to twirl a ladder around and use it like a helicopter, then bludgeon an enemy to death with it when you land? Oh, not only can you do that, but you can light the ladder on fire as well! Throw in a vivid Weird West theme that allows for some dark comedy, and you have a potential action gem. Bloodroots hits the Switch, PC, and PS4 this Summer, and will be playable at PAX East next weekend.