Generation Zero Gets a Synth-Filled Launch Trailer

Well, Avalanche Studios’ co-op FPS game Generation Zero comes out next Tuesday, so naturally it’s time for a launch trailer. And seeing as how this is a game set in 1980s Sweden, it’s only appropriate that the clip contains a lot of synth music. Oh, and killer robots. Can’t forget about the killer robots, of course. Coming back home after a vacation, our group of young heroes suddenly find themselves confronting a robot invasion. And as seen below, it won’t be an easy fight.

The video itself sadly doesn’t have the time to show off the game’s more interesting features (such as the permanent damage enemies take, which remains for the rest of the game, or the sandbox that allows you to split up), but it does still show quite a bit of explosive action, both literally and figuratively. And we see that be it big or small, there are quite a few different breeds of mechanical foes. Generation Zero arrives on March 26 for PC, XB1, and PS4, and should hopefully provide some robot-blasting fun.