Katana Zero Reveals Release Date in New Trailer

Askiisoft’s 2D modern samurai action game Katana Zero has had a busy year so far. First it teased a release window for March, then Devolver Digital joined in as the game’s publisher, and then reactions to preview copies of the game were highly positive, as we can attest to. And now, in the home stretch, the release date for Katana Zero has finally been revealed. Sadly, a slight delay means that a March release is no longer in the cards, but the wait looks to be worth it.

The release date comes courtesy of a new trailer for the game, which you can see below. It seems to be an accurate summary of what the game can offer: White knuckle action, slow motion tricks, rewinds and revisions, intriguing bits of narrative, and impressive graphics, among other things. Katana Zero is now due out on April 18 for the PC and Switch, when your finesse and love for neon will pay off.