Quirky RPG Knuckle Sandwich Now Available to Wishlist, Gets New Trailer

Just under a year ago, developer Andrew Brophy launched a Kickstarter campaign for his RPG game Knuckle Sandwich. Inspired by the likes of the Mario and Luigi RPGs and Warioware, among other things, the campaign was a massive success, raising more than triple of its intended goal, even without any stretch goals (Andrew instead said all extra money would go to increasing the game’s quality). But even with this success, Knuckle Sandwich is still going to need helping hands in promoting it. And so now you can wishlist the game on Steam, helping to boost its visibility and providing notifications.

It may seem like a minor detail to some, but this is indeed a big development. As such, the Steam page also comes with a new trailer for the game, which you can also view in the official tweet below. Taking place in Bright City, a metropolis on a fictional Australian island, Knuckle Sandwich is about boy looking for work who winds up employed at a second-rate diner. And then through bizarre means, a series of disappearances, cults, and gangs follow. And “bizarre” is indeed the key word, as you can tell by glancing at the trailer. Expect eccentric mini-games during combat, tons of colorful characters, and lots to explore. It may seem weird, but it also sure seems fascinating. Knuckle Sandwich is currently due out sometime this year for PC, so make sure not to miss it.