Review: Razer Blackwidow

The Blackwidow has become Razer’s flagship keyboard and a go-to for many PC gamers. Razer now has a new version of the Blackwidow available that borrows some innovations from its big brother, the Blackwidow Elite. This version features Razer’s Green Mechanical Switches that are designed for gaming. The Blackwidow also embraces RGB with Razer Chroma and has plenty of features to complete your setup. The Blackwidow includes compatibility with the Razer Synapse software, which will allow for the customization of the Chroma along with on-board hybrid memory and cloud storage.

The Green Mechanical Switches mean business on the Razer Blackwidow. Razer states that these gaming-designed switches feature a tactile bump and a distinctive click sound, which is putting it lightly. Each key press is extremely precise and your roommates will know you’re putting in work when typing a document. Typing on the Blackwidow is extremely fluent. To help with the typing experience, the Blackwidow gets Razer’s improved dual-side wall switch design which noticeably minimizes key wobble. Switches are extremely responsive and the overall hardware that’s underneath the hood of this device is worth the price of admission.

As a gaming keyboard, the Blackwidow stands out. The RGB lighting looks to be underneath a protective panel below the switches, but the light illuminates between the cracks of each switch and through the text. The exterior design is surprisingly bulky. Fitted with black matte plastic, the keyboard sits up in size. The bottom edge of the Blackwidow bends slightly downward to help with the angle of the player’s hands, but ultimately the option to attached a wrist rest would have been nice. It may not need to come with one, but something like what the Huntsman Elite has that allows the option to attach one by purchasing separately would have been a plus. The Blackwidow Elite does come with this, so eliminating the wrist rest allowed to cut down on the cost of the unit. The Blackwidow does include a cable management option for the USB cable that is attached to it can be tucked or hidden. The Razer logo towards the bottom of the keyboard also illuminates RGB.

The responsiveness during gaming is immediate and satisfying. The Blackwidow includes N-key roll-over with built-in anti-ghosting so there’s no hiccup in switching weapons or navigating. Playing The Division 2 and Apex Legends with the Blackwidow felt precise. Players can improve the gaming experience with Razer Hypershift which allows every key to be programmed as a macro key or given a secondary function. This can add a lot of quicker selections for both of those titles.

While the Blackwidow Elite retails for $169.99 and the Huntsman Elite for $199.99, this new Blackwidow sits at $119.99. What it lacks outside of the wrist rest from its big brother are the media buttons and dial and the USB port on the side. Most importantly, by saving $50 you get what is under the hood. The Green Mechanical Switches are distinct and while the Elite allows for use of the Orange or Yellow Mechanical Switches, this Blackwidow streamlines the best experience for the price. If the wrist rest isn’t that important or the other options, for $119.99 this is a solid price.

Closing Comments:

The new Razer Blackwidow features all the brawn with some of the flash of its bigger brother. The Razer Chroma is implemented extremely well into the keyboard and the Green Mechanical Switches are distinct, loud and precise. For gaming purposes, all the necessary technology has been implemented to allow for the best experience and the ability to use the Hypershift for adding macros and secondary controls are a plus for advanced users. While the device is a bit bulky and there’s some sacrifice made for comfort options, the actual feeling of using the Blackwidow is gratifying. If the comfort problems aren’t a personal issue, the price sits right for the keyboard and it saves about $50. In its class, the Blackwidow offers a bit more than the competition.

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