The Red Lantern Races on Switch in Late 2019

The Iditarod  race is known for being a grueling trek through Alaska’s wilderness, and is something that hasn’t really been shown off in a game before. The actual race itself has had some brushes with fame, like former pro wrestler and wrestling manager Paul Ellering guiding a legally-blind woman named Rachael Scodoris through it over a decade ago. Now, gamers can experience a taste of the thrills and perils in a resource management rogue-lite where you and your team can be attacked at any time. Bears can come after you, as can the ravage of mother nature, like frostbite. The Red Lantern offers up a brand-new take on a well-worn genre and uses a flat shading technique to truly stand out visually too. The Red Lantern doesn’t have a definite release date, but the Nindies Direct showed off a late 2019 release window.