Review: Razer Kraken

The bright green color of a Razer Kraken headset is recognizable from a distance. Razer has released a new version of its legendary headset that will focus on improved comfort and sound. A lot of these implementations are being brought over from its Tournament Edition Kraken. This new headset is the successor to the Kraken Pro V2, as it looks to be the complete package for a competitively-priced headset. Using 3.5mm connection, the third generation Razer Kraken is compatible on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

This new Razer Kraken may look similar to previous editions, but its makeup is the big difference maker. It includes the large 50 mm drivers from the Kraken Tournament Edition headset, which helps to create a powerful sound that isn’t taxing or exhausting on the ears as it helps drive players towards long playing sessions. The sound quality is theater-like and doesn’t require a separate amplifier to achieve this. The Kraken includes the extendable microphone that is fully adjustable. The mic has been improved to block out background noise as voice communication has come back clear and concise.

While the sound quality is good, the comfort is even better. The Tournament Edition was designed for long eSports tournaments in mind and this automatically carries over to this Kraken headset. The ear cups consists of cooling-gel infused ear cushions. This allows for maximum comfort and a reduction of moisture. Razer even implemented the idea of wearing glasses into the design of this headset. The cushions are made of a soft and plush leatherette that doesn’t become sticky. The ear cups completely cover the ears and do a fantastic job of suppressing background noise.

The frame of the third generation Kraken is comprised of aluminum and is rather flexible but doesn’t make you question the durability of the headset. The headband across the top features extra thick padding to help complete the ultimate comfortable experience. Our review unit is the patented Razer green with the ear cups and headband being black. The top of the headband features the same green with the words Razer across from it. The cable is even green, but features a black volume control with inline mute attached. While the third generation Kraken is available in green, it’s also available in three different color options. Razer recently has launched Quartz Pink for its peripherals and the headset is offered in this color. There’s also a special edition color scheme specifically for consoles that features black with blue accents. This basically matches the PS4 color scheme, while the default green and black matches the Xbox One. All headsets are compatible on both platforms, but I assume the color scheme specifically for consoles will be available at game stores as opposed to the green. There is also an all-black edition available.

The third generation Razer retails for $79.99. This, along with the other peripherals Razer has dropped, all are consistent with a fair price. While its wired with just a 3.5mm jack and not USB, it offers more comfort and better sound than the PS4 wireless headsets for a lesser cost. The sound quality, while not surround sound or featuring THX spatial audio, is on par with some higher-priced headsets. It just lacks some of those bells and whistles, but the combination of comfort and sound quality along with the versatility will make this Kraken more than just a gaming headset.

Closing Comments:

For any gamer not in need of specific sound options such as surround sound or spatial audio, the third generation Kraken offers the most bang for the buck. The comfort options with the cooling-gel infused ear cups and the built-in eye wear support will allow for multiple hours of gaming. The powerful thuds of sound coming from the 50mm audio drivers will provide a theater-like experience that is coupled around your ears. Add to this the versatility of using the 3.5mm jack for multiple platforms and the third-generation Kraken becomes the pinnacle of what Razer has offered in this class.

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