Two Point Hospital: Pebberly Island’s Beach-Side Medicine Has Entertaining Results

Two Point County swells to even more questionable proportions in Two Point Hospital’s newest expansion: Pebberly Island. With rural, urban, desert, mountain and now tropical climates to contend with, keeping the county’s inhabitants healthy is no small feat. Someone has to do it, though, and the secret of Pebberly Island might just make the job a whole lot easier. Famous explorer and germophobe Wiggy Silverbottom is raring to get in there and find it, but he needs a brave hospital administrator to blaze a trail for him first. Famous explorers shouldn’t have to risk serious illness while charting the unknown, right?

As one might expect, practicing medicine on Pebberly Island is a somewhat different experience from what it is on the mainland. The place is absolutely rife with new and tragically hilarious diseases. Patients flock to the newly-constructed hospitals suffering from everything from “Sandy Crack” to “Beach Wail” and even an extreme fondness for beach towels resulting in “Hermitism.” How can one not be moved to tears (of laughter) when confronted with such unprecedented suffering? These are just a small taste of what’s in store for those looking to tame Pebberly Island, though. The new location brings a total of 34 new illnesses, with ten of them featuring new visuals.

Of course, new sickness isn’t the only obstacle to contend with here. Pebberly Island is rather small compared to the rest of Two Point County, yet its rate of disease and injury seems to be comparatively higher. It’s kind of mysterious at first, but that’s quickly resolved once one sees the island’s unique natural hazards at work. One’s hospitals are constantly bombarded by the oddest weather one could ever hope to witness. Water tornadoes show up regularly along the beach and showers of frogs are an annoyingly common occurrence throughout the place. Indeed, Pebberly Island is not a place that will be so easily tamed.

Pebberly Island - Illness Sample
Managing hospitals on Pebberly Island isn’t all that dissimilar from how it is in the rest of the game, though. It’s certainly geared towards the latter portion of the game in terms of difficulty, but accomplished administrators shouldn’t have too much trouble dealing with the unique challenges thrown their way. My standout favorite was probably the island’s first hospital: Pebberly Reef. The very first thing one has to do is hire and train up a small army of janitors to deal with all the debris caused by the islands frequent disasters. Once cleaned up, the normal thing to do would be to reduce the custodial staff to what’s needed, but it turns out they’re all needed. The hospital was hit with several earthquakes, water tornadoes, electrical storms and frog showers, and cleaning up after them always required an “all hands on deck” attitude. It was frantic, crazy and often frustrating, but not in a bad way.

The other two hospitals provided their own sets of challenges, with Topless Mountain’s hospital horde more being the most formidable. My hospital administration skills are a bit lacking to be honest, so I actually haven’t been able to overcome this challenge. It’s all good though, since watching the new illnesses and treatments in action is as entertaining as ever.

Those looking for a radical, game-changing piece of DLC will likely find themselves a tad disappointed with Pebberly Island. It doesn’t change the Two Point Hospital formula or push the game to unimagined height. This is just a very well-executed expansion for an already fun and hilarious hospital simulator. There’s plenty new to see here and at least one unique mechanic to be enjoyed with the Topless Mountain hospital, though, so existing fans should definitely make the trip to Pebberly Island if they can.

Two Point Hospital: Pebberly Island is available now via Steam on PC. Those who haven’t yet embraced the hospital administration life should check out our review for Two Point Hospital and see why it’s a life worth living.