Persona 5 R Unveiled as ‘Persona 5: The Royal’

Back in December, Atlus put out a brief teaser for a new project called “Persona 5 R.” It didn’t offer anything in the way of information, but it did at least confirm that something Persona-related was in the works. The video also teased more info to come in March 2019. Well, March is on its way out, and that promised info has finally arrived in the form of another teaser trailer. Once again, not much information is revealed, but we finally know the new game’s name at least.

Yup, it turns out that “Persona 5 R” wasn’t all that cryptic of a code name.   “Persona 5: The Royal” is the project’s official name now, and it looks like it’ll at least be introducing a new character for the game. Given the dialog in the trailer and the “The Royal” subtitle, it’s also possible that this could be a standalone sidestory.

The girl speaking in the trailer disagrees with the Phantom Thieve’s methods, and seems to have her own idea of what should be done.  She also says something to the effect of “only you can solve your own problems,” which has something of a lone wolf ring to it. As for “The Royal,” it could be referring to this person’s tarot card alignment. Every character in Persona 5 has a tarot card that embodies their identity. Joker is “the Trickster;” Makoto is “The Priestess:” Sojiro Sakura is “the Hierophant,” and so on. So if this person has the identity of “the Royal” it could mean that they have their own unique power capable of affecting the world around them, and perhaps they might not even need help.

More info about the game is set to drop on April 24, and it’ll hopefully be the sort that gives fans some concrete details about what’s to come. Until then, we can only wait and speculate.

Persona 5 is available on PlayStation 4. Check out our review for a better idea of what it’s all about.