HAL 9000-Inspired Observation Gets May 21 Release Date

With Stories Untold being one of the most memorable adventure games in recent years, we’re naturally excited for developer No Code’s next game with Devolver Digital, Observation. Even more excited, in fact, now that we know exactly when the game is going to come out. A new story trailer that premiered during Sony’s first State of Play presentation revealed the release date, as seen below. Suffice it to say, it still looks to hopefully be one unique sci-fi thriller with some clever gameplay twists.

In case the tagline in the clip didn’t make it clear, the hook in Observation is that this time, you play as the space station itself. Or rather, the ship’s artificial intelligence, S.A.M. Yes, now you get to try and use HAL 9000-style technology as a force for good. Using all of the various programs and tools at your disposal, you assist Dr. Emma Fisher in discovering just what exactly happened to her crew, their mission, the station…well, basically determining just what happened to everything in general. And from what we can glimpse in the trailer, the answers are not going to be pretty. Observation comes out on May 21 for PC and PS4, and should be one to watch out for.