Latest Anthem Update Adds Elysian Caches, Legendary Missions

The weeks following Anthem’s launch have been quite rough to put things lightly. Its players have been quite vocal about their frustrations with the game, and BioWare has been hard at work fielding and resolving said complaints. Today, the studio took a decent step towards addressing the game’s many problems with Anthem update 1.0.4. Once applied, players will have a little bit more to do with their Javelins and more ways to “bring the thunder” as the game puts it.

The full patch notes on the Anthem website lay out both the major and minor changes this update bring to the game. Most of it deals with bug fixes, gear bonuses and weapon improvements, but there are also some quality of life upgrades mixed in there as well. For example, players can now access the Forge from either the main menu or the Launch Bay, and doing so no longer triggers a loading screen.

The most significant additions to come with this patch are of course Elysian Caches and Legendary Missions. Elysian Caches are chests that spawn at the end of Stronghold missions. These must be unlocked with Elysian Keys earned through daily missions, and they award all players in a party with cosmetics and crafting materials. Don’t expect to find armor pieces in them though, those are still only available through the store for now.

Legendary Missions, on the other hand, are for those looking to gather as much powerful gear as they can. The patch notes state that these are more difficult versions of Anthem’s story missions, with one being offered per day and no limit on how many times it can be completed. It’s not clear what the nature of said difficulty is, but hopefully it’s not just even more spongy enemies. There’s also no word on rewards players can expect from completing these, but one would think that greater difficulty would equate to greater rewards.

It’s good to see BioWare working to address community concerns with this latest Anthem update, but there’s still quite a lot of work to be done here. Anthem’s problems run deeper than unsatisfactory loot, so BioWare is going to have to give some serious thought to resolving them before they can expect the game to start bringing players back.

Anthem is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.