Pinball Gets Its First Trilogy as Stern Announces Black Knight: Sword of Rage

While trilogies and unending series are fairly common in standard videogaming, pinball tends to tap out before the numbers get all the way to three.  Sure, there have been dozens of Star Trek pinballs, but some are based on the original series, others the movies, Next Generation, the new movies, etc.  I’m also disqualifying Pin-bot because Jack-bot is new programming on the exact same layout.  Even music-based pinball tends to max out at two, as if pinball series were overseen by Valve.  That limitation is now broken thanks to Stern Pinball’s announcement today of Black Knight: Sword of Rage.

Black Knight initially had two tables released in the 80s, the original Black Knight and Black Knight 2000, and then nothing for thirty years.  Now Black Knight is a full series with the new table being very clearly a sequel to its predecessors.  There’s still the top raised area, roughly the same shape, with the flipper off to the side.  The bottom area has a fan of targets spreading off the lower flippers, although the classic u-turn shot looks like it was replaced with the standard around-the-whole playfield modern design as opposed to the lightning-fast tiny one that could catch you by surprise in the originals.  The classic Williams lightning-bolts also make a return, albeit somewhat redesigned with curves where there used to be straight lines and points where there used to be curves.  Dominating the center of the playfield is the Black Knight himself, complete with a weapon that makes up for how deeply impractical it would be for causing bodily harm by being an incredibly cool spinner.

The other thing worth mentioning is that this is the first time Stern has dipped into the Williams library to continue a series.  Maybe there will be more sequels to beloved classics or maybe Black Knight: Sword of Rage is a one-off, but just in case I’m going to dream of a new Firepower.  In the meantime here’s the teaser video of the new table, complete with musical throwback to Black Knight 2000 once past the Queen-style opening guitar riffs, and for a closer look Stern has a giant photo gallery on its Facebook page.