Screenshot Saturday Featuring Creature in the Well, Ancient Abyss, More

Hello, and welcome back to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Well, after two special editions covering GDC and PAX East, it’s nice to finally get back to our regular format of covering quick WIP glimpses into certain games using the #screenshotsaturday tag to garner more exposure. Or rather, it would be nice, but a hefty chunk of this week’s games also come from GDC and PAX East. Or just games that have caught my eye before in general. In retrospect, maybe after throwing around a ton of business cards and replying to that one Devolver Digital tweet asking what we’d like to see them announce at E3 with “an announcement that you’re publishing any game featured here in Screenshot Saturday,” I’m starting to think that I should have seen this coming. But enough wild speculation, let’s get on with the show already (and sorry if it seems quicker than usual, but we still have a ton of previews to get back to working on)!

Pathway- Wait, Pathway comes out in just a mere four days? For some reason, I did not know this strategy game inspired by pulp adventures would be out so soon! Well, time to drool over these screenshots one last time before I prepare my whip and Nazi-stomping boots…

The Last Friend- The Stonebot have typically spent Screenshot Saturday showing more of the inner workings of The Last Friend, but now it seems like they’re aiming to show off more of their tower defense/beat-’em-up hybrid in action. And it may just be a small clip showing off both elements here, but it’s still an effective one.

Creature in the Well- Because every good dungeon crawler these days needs its equivalent of a campfire, even those with pinball-infused combat and gameplay. You do have to wonder what’s actually in the bath here that can restore a robot’s health, though. Is it also an oil bath, or some sort of liquid energy or form of electricity? Well, whatever works.

ITTA- It probably says a lot about the difficulty of a bullet hell game when even the developer is shocked that they can actually survive a battle. But action like this also says that it could be insanely fun as well. Let’s see if it strikes a good balance now as things progress…

Black Future ’88- Look, this game’s Screenshot Saturday entries are basically my pictures of Spider-Man at this point. I can’t resist. I mean, it has guns that slice through other bullets, which is awesome in both image and gameplay. Now we just need a gun that shoots projectiles with are also tinier guns that shoot more projectiles. I’d say that’s a joke, but given this game’s insanity, I now actually expect it to be in there.

Virgo Vs The Zodiac- Yes, I too would agree that this is the battle of the century. And this is from a guy who doesn’t even know what Frans is supposed to be at the moment. Half-dolphin, half-stripper, maybe? Regardless, the absurdity suggests a promising sense of humor for this RPG.

World of Horror- One of the delights of these features is when you get to see just how even the smallest details contribute to a game’s atmosphere. Case in point, here the creepiness in a retro-styled horror game is enhanced even further simply buy making some trees sway in a rather eerie fashion. Beautiful stuff.

Bloodroots- Again as a showcase when it comes to small details, we have the animation of the ears on a wolf skin that our ass-kicking, revenge-seeking hero wears. I’m not certain if the ear wildly flailing about is something that happens when our protagonist is irritated, or if it’s just to show just how much it can move around given how many directions you’ll be leaping and running in, but it’s a damn nice touch.

Ancient Abyss- We mentioned campfires in dungeon crawlers earlier, but the reason they work in roguelikes and these sorts of games isn’t just as a place to restore health, but also as a symbol of safety, of something calm and inviting, a place to relax between action. And such is the case for our colorful cast here before they set out to tackle another deadly maze. Seems like a great spot for character development as well…

Upside Drown- Well, this is one trailer I’ll certainly be anticipating, given how impressive this introspective adventure in a surreal world is shaping up to be. And now they’re throwing in a mechanic where you can reveal hidden messages and symbols, which should allow for some nice puzzles and world-building, so count me in even more.

Chromatose- A visual novel/RPG hybrid with a card-based battling system where you have to escape a nightmare world while in a coma, exploring the stories of ten strangers along the way whose relationships can affect combat? Damn straight that sounds interesting, so click that link there so we can get the final twenty percent of that game’s crowdfunding goal!

Serious Sam: Tormental- I’ll be honest, for the longest time I thought Tormental was just some sort of fan game or such merely using a Serious Sam lookalike, so impressive as it looked, I haven’t included it in any Screenshot Saturday features yet. But now that we know for sure it’s an official Serious Sam game available in Early Access right now, allow me to provide some apologies and gladly feature it here. And apologize for also recklessly dropping a ton of bombs since that’s my likely play style, as seen here.