Embr Brings a Lighter Tone to Firefighting on PC with Debut Trailer

Firefighting games have been a part of gaming for many years. The Firemen is probably the most prominent example, as that franchise spanned several generations – but was largely limited to non-North American releases. The Ignition Factor on the SNES is the best blend of cartoon visuals and a more serious tone, while Firefighter FD 18 on the PS2 is one of the final gasps of the truly creative era of Konami. Now, a more cartoony slant on firefighting is set to come to Steam early access in the form of Embr.

From the developers of Guns of Icarus comes a new co-op goofball-centric firefighting game with a light-hearted tone. You can do anything needed to get through the blaze. The game’s unique title is based on an in-game app that allows you to either craft or lease new gear, which is a different take on the usual crafting system. You can play solo or with a group and death is something you’ll want to avoid. Beyond being a major setback to one’s health, you also don’t get paid for the job if you’re dead – so don’t do that.