Very Little Nightmares Will Soon Haunt iOS Devices

Horror-puzzler game Little Nightmares will soon be seeing a new entry game on iOS devices. Bandai Namco announced today that Very Little Nightmares is going to be a puzzle-adventure game in a vein similar to the original. As fans play through it, they’ll be able to learn more about protagonist Six’s origins and why she’s found herself in such a terrifying situation.

Based on the trailer, it  looks like are still wandering around in the Maw. However, it might be a section of it that hasn’t been seen yet. The developers were careful not to show the monster here, so it may very well be a brand-new threat fans haven’t faced before. There’s no release date as of yet, but eager fans can pre-register for the game here if they want.

Very Little Nightmares will eventually be coming to iOS. For those who are new to Little Nightmares, check out our full review to see what sort of experience it offers.