New Trailer Released for Shakedown Hawaii to Celebrate Console Certification

Vblank has been working on Shakedown Hawaii for years, and the wait is set to end at some point soon. The game has been submitted to Nintendo for certification and is awaiting a final review, and should get a set release date very soon. To celebrate this milestone, a new trailer has been released showing off even more mayhem. Your goal in this game is to take over Hawaii one piece at a time and do whatever needs to be done to accomplish that. If this requires you to take out a sea of couponers hurting profits, or destroy a server room with bad internet reviews, then that’s what you’ll have to do. The dev’s prior game Retro City Rampage is still felt here with its mix of overhead platforming and run and gun alongside an open world design. Shakedown Hawaii is set for a spring release for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and who knows what down the line. The original RCR even got a PSP release long after its initial release, so just about anything is possible.