Zoink Games’ Charming Ghost Giant is Getting A Physical Release

The delightful VR title Ghost Giant — developer Zoink Games’ first foray into virtual reality — releases in a few days for PSVR devices, and it looks like the game will be getting its own physical, retail release alongside the usual digital equivalent. Though it, sadly, won’t coincide with the usual day one release of April 16 (this coming Tuesday), Perp Games — whom specialise in distributing games to market — plan to release Ghost Giant in a physical retail form for North America, starting May 7.

In Ghost Giant, players take the role of a towering giant whom is invisible to everyone except main protagonist Louis. Using motion controls (the game does require two PlayStation Move controllers to work), players must solve puzzles to help and assist Louis in his day-to-day life while also helping fellow citizens in additionally subtle ways. Pushing, pulling and generally influencing the environment around you, as a god-like entity. From what we’ve played of it thus far, Ghost Giant is admittedly canny (adorable even) and a rather entertaining little release for the VR platform — a contender for one of the stand-out releases for virtual reality in 2019. The game is currently exclusive to PSVR.