Side-Scrolling Stealth JRPG Hegemone Pass Sneaks Its Way Onto Kickstarter

Meringue Entertainment today announced that it has launched its Kickstarter for Hegemone Pass.

The side-scrolling stealth JRPG has a target set of €16,000 (£13,809) on the crowdfunding platform and, at the time of this writing, has received €218 (£188) of funds from seventeen backers, with 28 days remaining before the end of the campaign.

Players follow the story of Queen Persephone, whose rule of the Underworld has fallen apart after the goddess Demeter stole her supreme title.

With Persephone losing her title, the developer has said that players must help the ‘powerless’ protagonist through the power of stealth.

If the player is spotted, for example, they will find themselves up against the Hunt, which will be summoned and will swarm Persephone.

Meringue has also said that the title uses turn-based combat, with each side receiving a designated leader.

According to the independent developer, the leader is the “key to victory.” The leader status allows players to active powers to boost the strength of their allies or affect their opponents, while the technique of ‘Hegemone Pass’ allows them to pass the leader crown to another ally.

Meringue has revealed that a demo, which shows off the title’s mechanics and a ‘pilot-styled’ story, is available for download.

Hegemone Pass has been developed for PC and Linux and is slated to launch in June 2020.

Meringue, however, said that a Nintendo Switch port could be put into development should the Kickstarter campaign hit its stretch goal of €21,000.

The French-based studio added that the funding would allow it to “work full-time on the game’s development” and “pay for music that will be composed by Paradoxigent.”

“The game has been in production for a little while, but we will be able to shift gears and go faster,” Meringue wrote on Kickstarter.

“The core engine and gameplay mechanics are mostly finished, so the rest of development will mostly be reserved to content creation (cutscenes, sync-telepathies, levels, bosses, enemies, titles, items, field gimmicks and so on…) and bug testing.”