Piko Interactive Hits Kickstarter with Switchblade

Piko Interactive recently took to Kickstarter to do something a bit unique – release both a game and action figure line in one crowdfunding campaign. Such a thing runs a risk of splitting the audience between both gamers and action figure fans, but so far, they’ve been successful with it. The game itself is an action-platformer and a Steam code for it can be yours for only $5. Going with $45 nets you a Sega Genesis cartridge version, while $60 gets you an Atari Jaguar version. For $20, you can get a figure of the main character and the game in digital format for PC. $60 gets you the figure and a Genesis cartridge while $75 does the same for the Jaguar version.

The game itself is meant as a way to teach you about the characters in it while the action figure line will expand beyond that using the Toyetico subsidiary that will release toys based on everything else owned by Piko. Stretch goals include a bigger line of figures from the game, with the final stretch goal being a Tiger Electronics-styled handheld at the $140,000 mark. When it comes to risks, they do go out of their way to say that the game itself is done and there isn’t a risk there, and they outline some possible risks with this being their first action figure line – so they’re definitely being transparent about things, which is great to see. The Kickstarter is already at nearly $6,000 of its $8,500 goal – so it looks like it will meet the minimum needed and at least result in the main character getting a neat-looking game and a solid figure too.